Redemption Foods

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Redemption asked us to redesign their 10 standard soup, ready to heat range, of packaging for the shelves of Asda, a flavour range including classics Pea & Ham, Lentil, Cock-a-Leekie and Scotch Broth.

The original packaging needed a refresh, and the new design brings the soups up to date with current trends, taking the Love Soup range back to its roots with a redesign that focuses on communicating the ingredients behind this well loved chilled soup brand. The redesign formed part of a wide-ranging marketing initiative which reinforced the core message “fresh from our kitchen to yours”.

The muted colour palette and textures created for the illustrations of home grown ingredients help communicate to the customer the concept of fresh produce and the style of typography compliments the designs helping make the packs feel friendly and approachable.

Keep an eye out for them in stores around the country!

Mark Crow, GM at Redemption, says of the project, “This rebrand dramatically helped us communicate our proposition to our customers and helped increase uptake in the product.
Intimation helped us achieve our goal to create packaging which highlights that our soups are made by cooks with huge passions for producing the best-tasting soup that’s full of quality ingredients reinforcing our position as an innovator of fresh soup.”

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