Cluny Fish

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Cluny asked us to rebrand their business at the end of 2011. A Buckie-based family smokehouse for almost 45 years, their smoked fish range had a loyal following but the market had grown hugely since they started out, and there was a lot of competition from supermarket own brands.

Particular care was taken to not over crowd the label designs and allow the product to show through, allowing the customer to see the quality of the pate. Intimation has created a design that elevates the well known food, housing the homestyle pate in a clear traditional styled jar and designing a label that is homely in execution.

“We tried to tell a story with this packaging and promote what the Cluny brand stands for, tradition, quality and a strong link to its Scottish roots. Cluny were able to build a strong brand equity through this and other packaging re-designs undertaken as they worked to secure brand presence in the retail sector. This product was successfully launched in October, 2013, and along with other products in their range are now being exported across the globe.”

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